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When selling a home......why choose Smart Real Estate?

At Smart Real Estate we are committed to making sure our sellers and buyers

have a successful real estate transaction, and committed to saving you $MONEY$ in the selling and buying process.

1% Listing Commission

*Full Service Listing Agreement*

Smart Real Estate charges a 1% Listing Fee (based on the sale price of your property…..with a $2,500 minimum) to sell your property.

This is for a Full Service listing agreement and all commissions are paid at closing.  No Upfront Fees charged.

Typically in the sale of a property the commissions to sell the property are paid by the seller at closing.

In our area typically the full commission paid at closing by the seller is 6%.

Normally the commission of 6% is split ….. 3% to the listing firm and 3% to the buyers firm.

Or if the listing firm also secures the buyer themselves they get the full 6% commission.  

But when listing with Smart Real Estate, if the listing agent from Smart Real Estate 

also secures the buyer for your property the total commission is just 4% (or $2,500 + 3% depending on sale price).

At Smart Real Estate we save our sellers $MONEY$ by reducing those commissions

while still providing the highest level of service.

Full Service – No discounts  here……just reduced costs for our sellers!

Below is how it works when working with Smart Real Estate in selling your property.


Listing with Smart Real Estate:   Based on a sale price of $250,000


Your costs: Listing Fee 1% of sale price:                        $ 2,500.

Recommended Cooperating broker fee of 3%:            $ 7,500.

Total Compensation paid to sell your home:               $10,000.

NOTE: All commissions are paid at closing per the Exclusive Right to Sell Contract. NO UPFRONT FEES!


“Traditional Companies Commission” 6% of sale price paid at closing.

Example: Sale Price of $250,000 = $ 15,000….TOO MUCH!